Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia



$56,344.24 (57.5%)

Toward our Goal of:


Donations: $56,344.24 (57.5%)
Toward our Goal of: $98,000.00

What does the Annual Fund do?

In 2019 - 2020 it funded:

  • 475 students from White County Schools, plus teachers, staff, parents and volunteers coming to Celebrate the Arts, a day-long event produced in conjunction with national Exceptional Children's Week demonstrating that Everyone is Exceptional through the Arts.
  • 11,900 visitors attending WinterFest 2020, a cooperative venture with the Fireside Arts & Crafts Show (Unicoi State Park & Lodge), the Helen Winter Art Festival (Helen Arts & Heritage Center), and the Sautee Nacoochee Arts Festival. The Economic impact of the event returned $383,000 in revenues and taxes to the White County community.
  • 49,800 students, visitors, and families participating in, enjoying, engaging with programs over 12 months in a county with a population of 30,000.
  • The creation, release and promotion of Explore Helen & Sautee Nacoochee, a free, downloadable phone app that presents the history and heritage of White County as narrated by John Lumsden and the distribution of a driving tour in the form of a 12-panel, full color brochure.
  • The mounting of a nationally significant exhibit in the Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia of the works of Dave Drake, poet, potter and slave.
  • The celebration of Juneteenth and Black History Month with interpretive programs at the African American Heritage Site and Blacksmith Shop.
  • 500-plus people reached on every Facebook post about the flora and ecology of the Native Peace Garden.
  • The reopening of the Center on June 1 after 11 weeks of COVID-19 shutdown, following the CDC and OSHA Guidelines for Phase 2 Opening as defined by the State of Georgia. The Center continues to put the safety of families, students, visitors, volunteers, and staff at the forefront of its operation.

SINCE our founding in 1981, the Sautee Nacoochee Center has enriched our community with outstanding cultural, historical, educational, and artistic opportunities. In 2021, we will celebrate our 40th anniversary, a milestone that only 12 percent of non-profits ever reach.

This remarkable achievement is possible only because of you and the rest of our supporters and volunteers who contribute their money, time, and talents to make the Center such a special place.

PLEASE consider for a moment how much SNC contributes to the quality of life in this area and imagine what your life and your family's would be without it.

Honor Roll of Annual Fund Donors


Jean Arnesen

Art of Stone Gardening

Automotive Repairs, Inc.


Debi & Bob Beard

Helen & Gordon Benson

Cathy & Kevin Bente

Nan Bowen

Pat Box - Memory of Deborah Bowman

Denyse & Patrick Brennan - Memory of Joan King

Bill Brooksher - Memory of Joan King

Donn J. Brous - Honor of Courtney & Jim Johnston

Janette & Ken Brown

Kay & Charles Brown

Robin & Dennis Brown

Sharon Bucek - Memory of Anthony "Jay" Bucek

Susan & Travis Burch

Susan Burton


Alice & Ralph Carey

Terri & Jake Carlton

Gene Caso

Dennis Clines

Cheryl Cook

Elizabeth Crittenden

Caroline Curran


Jeanie & Walter Daves

Candy & John Davis

The Catherine & Edward Decker Family

Terri & Andy DiRaddo

Linda DiSantis & Bob Kerr

Nancy & Bob Duggan


Janet & John Elger

Wolfgang Enneker

Linda & John Erbele

Clarissa & Patrick Evans


Sharon Fisher

Dorothy & Stanley Foster

Eugenia & David Foster

Nancy Frankhouser

Harriette Fulton & Robert Sway


Cindy & Steve Gibson

Ann Gillespie

Cynthia Gilmore

Jim Glen

Janie & Patrick Glisson


Anne & Alan Hall - Memory of Joan King

Berma Hamilton

Linda Harris

Carolyn W. Hayes

Robert P. Haynie

Jess Herring - Honor of Michelle Malone and Trish Land

William M. House - Honor of Jeanie & Walter Daves


Ingrid & Craig Inglis

Jennie Inglis & Mark Baker - Memory of Joan King & Zeke Williams

Mary & Gary Isbell


Susan Johnson & Darcie Lewis

Courtney & Jim Johnston

Mary Ruth Jones - Memory of Bob Crittenden


Susan & Jim Keller

Andi & Tom Knecht

Kathleen Kollock

Nancy Kollock

Leslie & Keith Kozicki

The John Kuschner Family


Janice & Steven

Patty Lowe

Cheryl Lusnia & Harold Bryson


Sue Mager

Cecilia & Bill Maher

John Maher - Honor of Cecilia Maher

Kim Mallett

William Mangham

Janine & Robert Marthai

Brad McCanna

Randy & Tosh McIntosh

Liza & Derrick McSwain

Deborah & Michael Melton

The Jean & Robert Mitchell Family

Linda & Russell Mobley

Barbara Moser

Lisa Mount


Andrew Negra

The John C. Nix Family

Libby Norris


Sherry & Jim Perkins

Linda Pierce & Laurie Lee

Darlene & Larry Prater

Joy W. Pruett


Lilith Quinlan & Hoyt Oliver


Margaret & Thomas Rasmussen

Jessi & Dylan Reed - Memory of Joan King

Ann Reed-Hill

Elaine Reiss

Martha Richardson

Debra & Bob Rimel

Gail & Larry Rollin

Rebecca & Laddie Rollins

Jill Ruhlman

Ivy Rutzky - Memory of Helen Greear


The Kristi Casey Sanders Family

Sautee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Nannette Johnson & Lynne Schwab

Denise Schwartz

Gracie & Bob Schwartzman

Lucia A. & Bobby J. Scroggs

Marcia Scroggs - Memory of Charles Stephens

Mary Ann & Alvin Seale

Marianne & Michael Seitz

Mindy & David Shay

Pat & Phil Sheridan

Nancy & Gary Sievert

Margaret A. Sikes

Amy Jo Burge-Skvarka & Ronald J. Skvarka

Donna Slocumb

Jim Smoot

Steven Solomon

Springer Mountain Farms

The Lisa & Rachel Staggers Family

The Sarah & Travis Stewart Family

Jan & Mark Stillwell

Merry & Allen Stovall

Mary Stripling - Memory of Mamie Gettys Atkinson

Theresa & Jerry Sustakovitch

Stewart Swanson

Chris Swanson


Jennie & Ron Taylor

Jan & Jim Thomas

Jimmie & Richard Tinius

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Tipton


Gena & Bill VanDerKloot

Kathryn Vazquez

DeDe Vogt


Harriet Warren

Milene & Paul Watkins

M.K. Wegmann

Faye & David Westfall

Cindy & Jerry White

Thomas Wilbanks

Wildwood Outfitters

Patti & Charlie Wilkins

Laura Williams

Barbara & Sam Williams