Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia


World of Dance with Elizabeth

About Elizabeth Jaskolski

Elizabeth was born in New York and as a child did nothing but dance, choreographing dances and performing them for family members. Having been born in a European family where dance was not considered a profession, Elizabeth did not start her dance training until later as a teenager. The first professional training in dance was as a ballroom dancer with Arthur Murray Dance studios. There she was trained up to an international level in all forms of ballroom dance. She taught for Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Queens, New York for one year.

Thereafter, Elizabeth achieved an undergraduate degree in dance education from New York University. This degree covered ballet, modern dance, creative movement and various ethnic dances. Courses also included anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology which was to ensure proper teaching without harming the body. Elizabeth also earned a Masters degree in elementary education from SUNY Oneonta in New York.

Elizabeth taught for several dance studios before opening her own in upstate New York, and later on Long Island, New York. She offered ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap dance, and creative movement. Her studios were very successful, and the yearly recitals were well attended by hundreds of people.

Elizabeth trained a family troop to perform a German ethnic dance called the Schuhplattler. The group performed on cruise ships and in various venues on Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

On Long Island a new craze took hold; it was country western line dancing and couple dancing. Elizabeth frequented a famous nightclub there called Sundance where she learned all of these dances. Being the entrepreneur, she spoke with the owner of Sundance offering to teach these dances from their stage in return for advertising her dance studio. This was well received, and Elizabeth taught three nights a week at Sundance and doubled her enrollment at her dance studio.

She quickly realized that participating in these dances was aerobic. Elizabeth developed an aerobic program using these authentic country Western dances. She called it Texasize TM and applied for and received a federal trademark. Elizabeth also trained some of her best dancers from the classes to become a professional country western troop to perform on Long Island. They were called the Sundancers, and successfully went on to perform not only on Long Island but in the tri-state area.

Due to a serious motor vehicle accident, Elizabeth had to detour away from dance temporarily. She taught elementary school as a Title I remedial math teacher and later worked as an academic director in a private school. Yet music was still in her blood and her husband convinced her to attempt singing. This led to their professional duo called "The Mountain Tops". They successfully performed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Georgia, as well as in Germany.

After years of therapy and two total knee replacements, Elizabeth is able to return back to her love, DANCE! She will now be offering classes in ballroom dance, Shag and East Coast swing, adult ballet, and country western line and couple dances here at the Sautee Nacoochee Cultural Center.