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The Men Won't Tell Us Anything
April 4 - Oct 3, 2022

The Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia is proud to present "The Men Won't Tell Us Anything": Women of Georgia Folk Pottery (Born 1950s – Today). This exhibit is the second and final installment of the series highlighting women in folk pottery.

The show features a range of wares from churns and jars to bunnies and face jugs. In total, the exhibit highlights ten women, all located in Northeast Georgia. Many of the women featured came to pottery through their fathers or husbands. Although their male counterparts may experience more canonical success, these women are undoubtedly important to Georgia folk pottery.

Potters included in the exhibit include Kathy Meaders, Treva Meaders Patterson, Anita Meaders, Annette Meaders Boswell, Mary Meaders Adams, Abby Turpin Ramsey, Lucille Winkler, Dolly Hogan, and Jamie Ferguson. Additionally, Suzanne Reese Johnston serves as a pottery advocate for this exhibit.


Mike Craven Pottery Exhibit
June 22 - Dec 17, 2020

Women of Georgia Folk Pottery (Born 1890 - 1940s)
Jan 22 - Sept 5, 2021

The Pottery of Whelchel Meaders
Oct 8, 2021 - April 4, 2022



item photo Left: R V (Russell Vann) DELAY (signed using his maker's mark stamp) Jackson (now Barrow) County, ca. 1870

item photo Right: Figural rooster, Edwin Meaders, White County

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