Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia

SINCE our founding in 1981, the Sautee Nacoochee Center has enriched our community with outstanding cultural, historical, educational, and artistic opportunities. In 2016 we celebrated our 35th anniversary, a milestone that only 12 percent of non-profits ever reach.


$90,083.36 (106.0%)

Original Goal: $85,000.00
Over Goal by $5,000 which
goes to reduce loan balance.


This remarkable achievement is possible only because of you and the rest of our supporters and volunteers who contribute their money, time, and talents to make the Center such a special place.

PLEASE consider for a moment how much SNC contributes to the quality of life in this area and imagine what your life and your family's would be without it. Download Annual Fund Pledge Form

There would be no Sautee Nacoochee Center without your financial support. Please make a commitment now to the future of your community and our programs.

Honor Roll of Annual Fund Donors


Susan & Tom Aderhold

Juliet & John Allan

Saundra & Cliff Altekruse

Helen & Cecil Altman - In Honor of Geri & Jim Ingram

Carole Alverson

Deanna Anglin

Judith & Calvin Anthony

ARI Auto Repair


Jennifer & Gary Bagley

Mark Balser

Pauline & Skip Bassler

Debi & Bob Beard

Anna & Gabe Bennett

Helen & Gordon Benson

Julie & Steve Bentley

Alice & Wally Berg

Bernie's Resturant

Denyse Blanchard & Rick Rayfield

Debbie Bowman & Pat Box

Sharon & John Bozman

Pat & Bill Brake

Denyse & Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan - In Honor of Jim & Courtney Johnston

Janice & Duane Bridges

Janette & Ken Brown

Kay & Charles Brown

Robin & Dennis Brown

Peter Bull

Susan & Travis Burch

Nance Burrell


Alice & Ralph Carey

Leah Carmichael & Jere Langford

Virginia Carter

Dot & Norm Carver

Beth & Skeet Cathey - In Honor of Nacoochee School Reunion & In Memory of Ross & Doris, Ruth Cornell Cathey

Peggy Christie

Karen Clark & Ware Kuschner

Dennis Clines

Mary Ann & Thomas Clyburn

Mike Coleman & Ted Brothers

Eve & Michael Cook

Kathy Crafton

Elizabeth Crittenden

Cheryl & Jim Crysel

Caroline & Bob Curran


Jeanie & Walter Daves

Candy & John Davis

Tina & Stan Davis

Roy Debolt

Cathy & Ted Decker

Deborah Densmore

Linda DiSantis & Bob Kerr

Annette & Mike Dixon

Sally Dobbins & Rick Heggood

Anna Doll

Lynda & Ted Doll

Maureen Donohue

Sue & Jim Duffield

Nancy & Bob Duggan

Eli Dunagan


Jan & John Elger

Linda & John Erbele

Elizabeth Etheridge

Joyce & Jack Etheridge

Casey Evans - In Honor of Clarissa Evans


Fidelity Brokerage

Pat Finke

Sharon Fisher

Dottie & Stan Foster

Gordon E. Fowler

Nancy Frankhouser

Patricia & Mike Freeman


Carolyn & Bill Gaik

Mary & Chris Geidel

Cindy & Steve Gibson

Terry & Jim Glen

Janie & Patrick Glisson

Gail & David Greear

Helen Greear

Nancy & Delbert Greear

Carolyn Grimes


Habersham Electric Membership Corporation

Anne & Alan Hall

Lillian & Mike Hall

Berma Hamilton

Helen Fincher Hardman

Laura & John Hardman

Linda Harris & Jim Smoot

Beth & Charles Hawkins

Mona & Robert Haynie

Donna & Ted Hendry

Bill House

Jaime Huffman & Michael Peart


IBM Community Foundation

Ingrid & Craig Inglis

Jennie Inglis & Mark Baker

ITW Foundation


Ann & Tommy Jackson

Hilary & David Johnson

Ruth Y. Johnstone


Allene Kelley

Patty & Scott Kidd

Susan Kidd

Ginny King & Jon Schwartz

Joan King

Louise Kinzey

Andi & Tom Knecht

Shell & Wyck Knox

Nancy Kollock

John Kuschner


Jack Lavender

Ruth Lavender

Betsy Ledbetter & Ben Dockins

Jane Lenzen

Patty & Roy Lowe

Barbara Luhn & Dudley Sisk

Cheri & John Luhn

Cheryl Lusnia & Harold Bryson


Sue Mager

Cecilia & Bill Maher

Janine & Bob Marthai

Bruce Martin

Randy & K. G. McIntosh

Elaine & Ed McLean

Arline & Wayne McWhinney

Dr. Oscar M. Mims

Jean & Bob Mitchell

Linda & Russell Mobley

Jackie & Tony Montag

Betty & Ken Moore

Barbara Moser

Helen Mott

Lisa Mount


National Financial Services

Andrew Negra

John C. Nix


Douglas Oster

Gwen Owens - In Memory of Bob Owens


Melissa Painter

Imogene & Terry Palmer

Jane Payne

Sherry & Jim Perkins

Darlene & Larry Prater

Phylis Preston

Anne & Bob Prim


Lilith Quinlan & Hoyt Oliver


Michael Randall

Cindy & Strother Randolph

Antonia & Ray Reed

Jessi & Dylan Reed

Martha Richardson

Debra & Bob Rimel

Gail & Larry Rollin

Becky & Laddie Rollins

Marcia & J.T. Rougeou - In Memory of Annette Rougeou

Ivy Rutzky


Sibyl & Douglas Scales

Lynne Schwab & Nannette Johnson

Denise Schwartz

Gracie & Bob Schwartzman

Tracy & Hamilton Schwartz

Lucia & Bobby Scroggs

Pat & Philip Sheridan

Nancy & Gary Sievert

Amy & Ron Skvarka

Ben Slack

SNCA Board Cash Gifts

Linda & Bob Standifer

Nona & Charles Stephens

Jan & Mark Stillwell

Gae & Ike Stovall

Merry & Allen Stovall

Robin & Justin Sullens

Theresa & Jerry Sustakovitch

Mickey & Dave Sweeney


Cynthia & Borden Taylor

Sherry Taylor & Barbara Williamson

Rebecca Testerman

Alice & Chris Thacker

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Dot & Lam Hardman Family Foundation

Jan & Jim Thomas

Katya & Guerry Thornton - In Honor of Bill Schwarz

Jane & Fred Threlkeld

Marion Tidmore

Muriel & Jim Toler

Cynthia L Triplett


Viola Vaughan

Dede Vogt

Robert Vogt


Sarah & Royce Wallis

Harriet Warren

Milene & Paul Watkins

M K Wegmann

Elizabeth Wells - In Honor of Patrick Brennan

Sheilah Welsch

Cindy & Jerry White

Jaclyn White

Ann Whitley & Doug Singleton

Cynthia & Ranny Whitney

Thomas Wilbanks

Marguerite Wilder

Helen & David Wilkins

Barbara & Samuel Williams

George Williams

Harriet & George Williams

Janie & Perkins Williams

Joanne & Zeke Williams

Ann & Peter Willis

Sylvia Wilson

Judy & Jerry Wood